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My mother Junko was recently diagnosed with stage 4 Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (follicular and diffuse large B cell lymphoma) in Japan.

She started her first round of chemotherapy on Wednesday, April, 14. Due to COVID, the hospital is prohibiting all visits. If you have capacity, I would be so grateful for any financial contribution big or small.

Your financial contribution will allow me to purchase things to comfort my mother as she fights cancer alone. It will also go towards her medical bills. Thank you for supporting my mom and her family.

Sending love and gratitude,
~ Midori 🌱

I would be so grateful of the following types of support:

For my mother:
• Medicinal knowledge share: Western and alternative/integrative medicine (herbalism, Chinese medicine, etc.)
• Item knowledge share: Any everyday or specialized items that help during or post chemotherapy

Support for Midori:
- Going on a walk with me
- Anything food related
- Sharing this post or any related social media post!

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